Dealer Information  Waynesboro VA

Dealer Name: Pine View Buildings of Waynesboro

Location Name: Waynesboro VA

Distance: 104 miles

Dealer Contact:

Dealer Phone: (540) 447-5082

Dealer Address: 7 Hutchwood Ln

Dealer City: Waynesboro

Dealer State: VA

Dealer Postal Code: 22980

Hours of Operations:

My Postal Code:20149

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25+ Years of Service

A Passion for Craftsmanship.

Our Mission

Our History

Our Team

Our Mission

Our Goals and Reason for Doing Business

Purpose Statement
Glorifying God by providing great employment opportunities to Christian communities.

Providing Quality Storage Solutions.

Core Values
  • Integrity: Honesty, conscientiousness, and taking personal responsibility.
  • Desire to Learn: Desiring to learn new things and making positive improvements in our lives and the lives of others.
  • Loyalty: Building and maintaining trust.
  • Motivation: Knowing our purpose and acting upon it.
  • Respectfulness: Treating every person with dignity and showing dignity in our actions.
  • Team Player: Putting the needs of the team and our fellow man in front of our own.
  • Common Sense: Being reasonable and open to new ideas and schools of thought.
Offering a range of product options to suit any need

Through our broad selection of materials, models, and customizations, we want to work with you to create a tailored storage solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Honoring a values-based approach in every part of our business
As a family-owned business with strong values, you will find care and commitment to service at the core of everything we do. Our staff is passionate about the work we do and the customers we serve.
Sharing our passion for craftsmanship

With exclusive offerings such as our DutchLap series, our industry-leading products combined with time-honored woodworking practices keep us on the cutting edge and a step ahead of the competition.

Delivering exceptional service to every customer
Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is here for you from the first call through the warrantied life of your building. With our own trucking fleet, we can offer the quickest delivery times in the business

Our History

Our Story at Pine View Buildings

Growing up working in the fine furniture industry, it never occurred to me that you could get by with being anything less than the best. Customer satisfaction, an unparalleled product offering, a high code of ethics, and an attitude that nothing is impossible came standard.

The challenges of running a high-quality business had always been attractive and so in 1994, our real history began when I founded my own furniture company. Back then, as it is now, my motto was simply to run a business that placed quality of product and customer satisfaction first. Due to a move out-of-state in 2006, we were forced to sell the business, but stayed in the industry and began our first retail store, Countryside Cabinetry (now Countryside Amish Furniture), launching 3 websites to accommodate the various styles of furniture, and selling for dozens of fine furniture manufacturers. In addition, I also began and operated a construction company, building turn-key homes.

CEO, Ervin Helmuth

In those first few years, we quickly became an industry leader, shipping furniture all over the United States and the world, quickly growing our company and bringing about the need for additional resources to accommodate our sudden growth. In 2009, having a desire to get out and work with my growing boys, I sold Countryside Cabinetry. (A company that still thrives today.)

In 2009, uncertain and yet determined once again to be the best, we entered the storage building industry and began a storage building transportation company. We quickly noticed the lack of quality, lack of attention to detail, and shortage of customer and employee focus in the industry. So we deliberated, prayed, and then took the plunge. Thus in the beginning of 2013, Pine View Buildings was born.

On the morning of January 1, 2013, we were unsure about many things. But there were several things that we are still as sure about as we were on that cold, blustery morning.

We had a vision.


Our Team

Hard-working People Dedicated to Your Satisfaction


Chief Executive Officer

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Nate Overholt


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Chief Information Officer

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Transportation Manager

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Chief Sales Officer

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Chief Operations Officer

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