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 Product Details Currency: USD 
 Item Condition:  New  Condition Notes:  Was built for Barbra Bryan(34415) but she decided to do order as On-Site - LQ 11/19
 Serial #  Item Description  Unit/Base Price  Quantity  Total Price
 33858  Mini-Barn SmartSide 10x16 Lofted Low Wall GRG $5,550.00 USD  $5,550.00 USD 
   33858  MB  SS  LB6  10x16  
   Truss Spacing - 24" OC      
   Stud Spacing - 16" OC      
   Floor Joists - 2x6      
   Flooring - 3/4 PerforMAX      
   Door Entry - End      
   Floor Joist Spacing - 12" OC      
   Window Color - 2x3 White      
   Roof Color - Metal: ST-Galvalume      
   Window Color - Double Transom White      
   Paint/Stain Wall Color - Rookwood Red (SW2802)      
   Paint/Stain Trim Color - Snow Bound (SW7004)      
   Double Wood Door with Transom $350.00 USD  $350.00 USD 
   12" OC FJ $0.65 USD  160  $104.00 USD 
   2x3 Window $95.00 USD  $95.00 USD 
   Discount     $-609.90 USD 
      Sub-Total:  $5,489.10 USD 
Tax Exempt: N/A Tax County: IREDELL COUNTY Estimated Sales Tax:  0.07 %  $370.51 USD 
   Total:  $5,859.61 USD 
 Inventory Notes:
 Was built for Barbra Bryan(34415) but she decided to do order as On-Site - LQ 11/19 

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Estimated Cash Price: $5,859.61 USD 
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