How Delivery Works.

Delivery includes unloading and placement on your property. Tight spaces? Not to worry! We have special equipment to help navigate your shed right where you’d like.

Design and Customize Your Shed

Choosing Your Product


Delivery Prep and Unloading

Step 1

Preparing for Delivery

Identify a flat and level spot in your yard where you would like the building to sit. A concrete or gravel pad that the building can sit on is preferable. Our labor for setting up the building is included, with the option of having you provide your own blocks, or buying them off of the driver for $3 per block. If providing your own, please plan to have an assortment of 2″, 4″, and 8-inch blocks.

Step 2

The Delivery Method

When the driver arrives, he will set the building on the pad that you have prepared and/or level the building with blocks as needed. Please plan to be on-site for your building delivery to indicate where the building should be located and to sign the necessary paperwork.

Your building will arrive loaded on a delivery rig, ready to be loaded onto the site you have selected.

If the trailer cannot access the delivery site, we utilize a machine called “the mule” to carry the building to its location.

The driver will then drop the building on the pad you have prepared and/or level the building using blocks.

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How Delivery with Pine View Works – Shed Mule Delivery